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Your Home Should Be As Unique As You Are

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” -George MacDonald

Have you ever hired a designer that pushed their own ideas
rather than listening to what you really wanted?

Are you looking for a designer who will be a trusted advisor and partner?

Do you want a designer who is multifaceted, easy and fun?

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I know how important it is that your home reflect your lifestyle and be a space you love being in. I design for YOU!

I listen, collaborate and provide the easiest and most amazing design experience you will ever have! 

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What My Clients Say

“I have loved working with Julie and will continue for years to come. Our children will also continue to use you. Besides being so talented you are such a wonderful person. I will always think of you when anyone asks for a great interior designer!”

~ M.K.

“Julie is so capable, easy to work with, professional, imaginative and FUN! My wife and I have renovated many houses and condos in the last 25 years. We always go high end in our design and construction and what we got from Julie was just that. She always had great ideas and never put her ego into how we made our decisions. Julie has been such a delight to work with we almost want to buy another place just to have her work her design for us again. Super lady!”

~ J.C.

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