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Modern Living In A Classic Home

What do you do when your client wants to incorporate their contemporary pieces into a traditional-style home? You say, “Sure!” 

Transitional Townhome

Most people think designers love working with new construction. While that may be true, in this case my client wanted an elevator installed in their new single-family townhome.

Urban Oasis

My mission with this incredibly outdated condo in the Chicago Loop was to make the space feel like a luxury hotel, complete with a coffee & wine bar. 

Suburban Sanctuary

This first time, new to the area, home buyer decided to purchase a home in the suburbs of Chicago and work from afar with me. Our goal was to remodel this outdated home and turn it into a warm, young and fun contemporary environment.

Updated Farmhouse

What do you do when you’ve bought a new home and are looking forward to having time to select all new furnishings, only to have the house you’ve lived in for forty years sell faster than you’d anticipated? You call me, of course! 

City Chic

Second time is a charm! After working on her family home seven years ago, this single mom reached out again for my help in fulfilling her dream of living in the city now that her kids are almost out of the house. 

Charming Cape Cod Sunroom

After hearing from a few design professionals that “you can’t do much to your odd-shaped
room,” this client cautiously approached me for help in redesigning her sunroom. She wanted
to keep many of the family heirlooms in the room but hoped there was still a way to bring new
life to this charming space.  

What's Old is New Again

After a 90-minute in-home consultation with me, this client knew right away she couldn’t
complete her project alone. There was a very large credenza in her dining room that had to stay
put and needed to be treated with kid gloves during its repurposing (as I had recommended),
and the chairs on her mother’s heirloom dining room set needed to be reupholstered. 

Home Sweet Home

“When I walk in the door I want my space to feel like home.” Those words were music to my
ears because I love making each space unique and livable. This client had recently remodeled
her kitchen and then realized that the rest of the home also needed an update, though not a
total remodel. 


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