Julie Dunfee Designs

About Julie

I couldn’t imagine my life without design! Ever since I was a little girl I always knew design was going to be a part of my life. My mother is an artist, my grandmother and grandfather were artists and so many cousins, aunts and uncles. There is a long line of artistic “juju” in my family and I was bound to have some of it in my blood. As a child, I always loved beautiful spaces. I was always wanting to change my room around as much as my mother was willing to allow me and I even had my own Christmas tree each year, decorated the way I wanted it. It always made me so happy!

After I graduated from college with a degree in Sociology, I moved to Chicago to start my adult life. I had no clue what I wanted to do but I did know that it had to be fun and something that I loved. It was drilled into my brain that I had to be independent and hold my own. I’ve had many jobs, some good and some not so good. I found myself always looking for that dream job…doing what I loved and having it not feel like work. As I look back, each one of my past jobs helped shape me into what I am today. I had always practiced being a “trusted advisor” in everything I did and, yes, even as a dog walker. I met a lot of nice pooches and some not so nice cats!

So that leads me to where I am today, running Julie Dunfee Designs and completely enjoying my “job.” I am blessed to have clients who each have their own unique tastes, personalities and lifestyles so each project is special and makes each day exciting and different. It keeps me fresh, creative, a perpetual learner and elevates me to create spaces for my clients that are a perfect fit.

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