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Modern Living

Modern Living In A Classic Home

What do you do when your client wants to incorporate their contemporary pieces into a traditional-style home? You say, “Sure!” 

Transitional Townhome

Most people think designers love working with new construction. While that may be true, in this case my client wanted an elevator installed in their new single-family townhome.

Urban Oasis

My mission with this incredibly outdated condo in the Chicago Loop was to make the space feel like a luxury hotel, complete with a coffee & wine bar. 

Suburban Sanctuary

This first time, new to the area, home buyer decided to purchase a home in the suburbs of Chicago and work from afar with me. 

Updated Farmhouse

What do you do when you’ve bought a new home and are looking forward to having time to select all new furnishings, only to have the house you’ve lived in for forty years sell faster than you’d anticipated? You call me, of course! 

city-chic-main image

City Chic

Second time is a charm! After working on her family home seven years ago, this single mom reached out again for my help in fulfilling her dream of living in the city now that her kids are almost out of the house. 

Charming Cape Cod Sunroom

After hearing from a few design professionals that “you can’t do much to your odd-shaped
room,” this client cautiously approached me for help in redesigning her sunroom. 

What's Old is New Again

After a 90-minute in-home consultation with me, this client knew right away she couldn’t
complete her project alone.

Bungalow Kitchen Transformation

I was contacted by a former client to help her mother upgrade the kitchen in her tiny Chicago bungalow. She knew she wanted black cabinets and needed to add storage for her treasures and books.

Dallas Dreamhouse Bathroom

Dallas Dreamhouse

Having completed a remodel of their home with me locally two years ago, this couple asked if
I’d saddle up and go to Texas to handle the remodel of a new home they’d purchased in Dallas.
They wanted much of the same style as we’d used in Chicago, but with little touches of Texas
scattered throughout the house. Managing this project from afar included hiring a contractor in
the Dallas area, re-creating the whole-house design since we were gutting and rebuilding, and
frequent trips to Dallas to purchase fixtures, fabrics and furniture.

Having completed a remodel of their home with me locally two years ago, this couple asked if
I’d saddle up and go to Texas to handle the remodel of a new home they’d purchased in Dallas.

Condo in the clouds main image

Condo in the Clouds

Family is everything for this client. So what do you do when your family moves into the city? You follow them! 

Seeing Clearly Now

“I’m a visual person,” this client said. “I need to see the plan before I can decide.” Being able to see a plan of how her primary bathroom remodel would look before construction started was very important to this client.

From Greece to Glenview

While some folks have a second home within a few hours plane ride of their primary residence, this client splits her time between Illinois and Greece. She contacted me from Greece to discuss the home she had just purchased in Illinois, with the challenge being that we couldn’t get in to see the space until she had closed on the property.  By looking at the floor plans and old photos found on the internet, we were able to craft a draft plan. Included in the renovation is a brand new kitchen, scullery and a family room with a beautiful prairie style fireplace. We’re betting that once we’re finished she’ll be spending more time here than in Greece! 

From Renting to Owning

After renting an apartment for five years, this single father-of-one bought a condo and knew it needed updating. The décor in his at-home office was chosen with care in order to provide a suitable backdrop for his daily Zoom appointments as well as allow space for his baby grand piano. A new entertainment unit was designed for the living area to include a bar, TV viewing and storage. The kitchen and bathrooms received updates as well, adding new tile and a walk in shower.

New Room; Updated Space

This client loved their basement and enjoyed entertaining there as well as spending time watching movies and just relaxing. There was only one problem – the basement did not have a bathroom which presented quite an inconvenience. Having worked together before, I knew the style of their home well and designed a bathroom that had a clean look and updated the basement space. This new bathroom (which now brings the total in the home to 4) not only adds to the usability of the space but will add value to their home if they should decide to move.

Movin’ On Up

This repeat client bought a new condo in the same high rise building in Chicago, up 14 floors from their previous unit. The new condo is larger and has a spectacular view of Lake Michigan. In addition to redecorating the entire unit, we are adding a fireplace and completely redoing the kitchen and baths. (For a peek at their previous unit, see their profile called Urban Oasis.)